Miikka Anttonen

Miikka Anttonen is poker professional from Finland with $2.4 million in career earnings and a world championship title under his belt. His autobiography is Once A Gambler. Find out more at https://www.onceagambler.com/

7 Poker Tournament Tips for Running Deep More Often

By Miikka Anttonen / March 22, 2024
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knockout bounty poker tournament strategy

Stop Punting Away Your Equity in Knockout Tournaments

By Miikka Anttonen / August 23, 2021
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4 Insights from 11 Years, 70,567 MTTs, and 6,304,190 Hands of Poker

By Miikka Anttonen / April 13, 2018
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tournament c-betting strategy MTTs

Complete Guide to Tournament C-Betting Strategy

By Miikka Anttonen / January 23, 2018
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short stack 3-betting tournament strategy

Short-Stacked 3-Betting in Tournaments Revealed

By Miikka Anttonen / January 16, 2018
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tournament c-betting strategy MTTs

When Should You Cold Call from the Small Blind in MTTs?

By Miikka Anttonen / January 9, 2018
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Drew Amato 2016 WSOP

How to Build Stacks and Avoid Spewing Early in a Tournament

By Miikka Anttonen / December 12, 2017
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How to Dominate Weak Tournament Competition Post-flop

By Miikka Anttonen / November 17, 2017
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The Ultimate Guide for Dominating Weak Tournament Competition Pre-flop

By Miikka Anttonen / November 10, 2017
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vs turn check-raise

How to Check-Raise with Short Stacks Like an MTT Boss

By Miikka Anttonen / October 24, 2017
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This Misclick Made Me Bubble the WSOP Main Event

By Miikka Anttonen / September 13, 2017
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I Flopped A Massive Draw While Short Stacked… Now What?

By Miikka Anttonen / September 5, 2017
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An Open Letter to My Younger Self

By Miikka Anttonen / July 27, 2017
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Parker Talbot aka tonkaaaap live on the felt.

How To Open-Raise In MTTs So The Big Blind Doesn’t Crush Your Soul

By Miikka Anttonen / June 27, 2017
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colossus wsop 2016 schedule

5 Poker Tournament Myths Way Too Many Players Believe

By Miikka Anttonen / June 6, 2017
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Phil Iver most famous poker players

The 4 Dumbest Career-Ending Mistakes Tournament Players Make

By Miikka Anttonen / March 17, 2017
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