Jake Godshall

Former high stakes HUSNG player, now a mid stakes cash game player.

Did Doug Polk Screw Up? Elite Poker Pro Nick Petrangelo Breaks It Down

By Jake Godshall / August 12, 2022
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live preflop ranges

2 Winning Ways to Adjust Your Preflop Strategy in Low Stakes Live Poker

By Jake Godshall / August 3, 2022
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preflop sizing tells live

How to Spot Preflop Sizing Tells in Live Cash Games

By Jake Godshall / July 27, 2022
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live series part 1

The (Stupid-Simple) Golden Rule for Low Stakes Cash

By Jake Godshall / July 19, 2022
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big bets

3 Advantages of Betting Big on the Flop

By Jake Godshall / June 14, 2022
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turn after check-raising

3 Tips for Playing the Turn After Check-Raise Bluffing Flop

By Jake Godshall / May 10, 2022
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uri peleg aggressive players 1100x720-logo

How to Conquer Aggressive Poker Players (5 Exploit Tips)

By Jake Godshall / April 20, 2022
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uri four flush

How You Should Play Four Flush Boards (But Probably Don’t)

By Jake Godshall / April 15, 2022
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how to crush auto c-bettors

How to Crush the Guy Who Always C-Bets

By Jake Godshall / April 8, 2022
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How to Exploit Loose Poker Players Preflop

By Jake Godshall / April 1, 2022
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how to play king queen suited

How to Play King-Queen Suited in Cash Games (Preflop and Postflop)

By Jake Godshall / October 15, 2021
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paired flop money

How to Print Money on Paired Flops as the Preflop Raiser

By Jake Godshall / March 19, 2021
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turn overbetting

This is When (And Why) World-Class Players Overbet the Turn

By Jake Godshall / March 12, 2021
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doug polk vs daniel negreanu bluff

Doug Polk vs Daniel Negreanu at $200/$400: Two Live Bluffs Analyzed

By Jake Godshall / January 11, 2021
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3-bet pots analysis

How to Play Strong Hands in a 3-Bet Pots (Hand Examples)

By Jake Godshall / January 4, 2021
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pocket nines in cash games

How to Play Pocket Nines in Cash Games (Preflop Advice & Postflop Tips)

By Jake Godshall / December 15, 2020
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