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micro stakes holdem foldem quiz

[QUIZ] Do You Know When to Hold’em/Fold’em at Micro Stakes?

By Dan B. / May 25, 2021
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live 2/5 poker quiz

[QUIZ] Do You Have the Skills to Smash Live $2/$5 Games?

By Dan B. / May 14, 2021
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micro stakes premiums

3 Micro Stakes Players Pick Up Premium Hands in 3-Bet Pots (Analysis)

By Dan B. / May 7, 2021
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pocket kings

How to Play Pocket Kings Like a Pro in Cash Games (Even When an Ace Flops)

By Dan B. / May 4, 2021
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Polarized Ranges vs Linear (Merged) Ranges Explained

By Dan B. / April 23, 2021
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preflop fundamentals quiz

[QUIZ] Can You Ace These 10 Fundamental Preflop Decisions?

By Dan B. / April 20, 2021
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zas vs luckycps vs stefan11222

Bizarre Multiway Pot Between 3 High Stakes Regs ($28,350 Pot Analysis)

By Dan B. / April 16, 2021
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uwintakeit vs dex88

High Stakes Reg Pulls the Trigger on 443 Big Blind Bluff (DEX88 vs uwintakeit Analysis)

By Dan B. / April 9, 2021
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river bluff tips

3 River Bluffing Tips That Will Help You Smash Cash Games

By Dan B. / April 6, 2021
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limitless vs stefan11222

Why Was This Pot So Small? (Limitless vs Stefan11222 Analysis)

By Dan B. / March 23, 2021
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berri sweet vs makeboifin 1200x800-no-read

The Craziest High Stakes Online Poker Hands of 2021: Part One

By Dan B. / March 3, 2021
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equity distribution in poker

What Is Equity Distribution & Why Does It Matter?

By Dan B. / February 23, 2021
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how to play flopped quads

What is Four-of-a-Kind? And How Should You Play Four-of-a-Kind?

By Dan B. / February 11, 2021
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range c-bet 100%

The Range Bet: 10 Spots to Continuation Bet 100% of the Time

By Dan B. / February 9, 2021
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ace five suited cash games

How to Play Ace-Five Suited in Cash Games (Preflop Advice & 6 Postflop Tips)

By Dan B. / February 3, 2021
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flopped straight cash games

What is a Straight? And How Should You Play Straights?

By Dan B. / January 22, 2021
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