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DanielNegreanu and Doug Polk

10 Bonus Beats from Polk vs Negreanu

This is a continuation of our countdown of the 10 Baddest (& Biggest) Beats from Polk vs Negreanu at $200/$400.

We couldn’t fit all of the worst beats in that article, so we listed the rest here. Enjoy!

10 Bonus Beats:

These hands weren’t for as much money as the ones listed above, but they were still some pretty sick beats.

11. Full House vs Straight for $103,941.60

Daniel raised to $1,000 with Q J♣. Doug 3-bet to $4,110 with T♣ T and Daniel 4-bet to $10,420. Doug called and the flop came K T♠ 5. Doug checked his set, Daniel bet $4,400 into $20,837.50 with his open-ended straight draw. Doug called and the turn came (K T♠ 5) 9

Doug led $8,891.25 into $29,637.50 and Daniel called. The river (K T♠ 5 9) 5♣ paired the board and gave Doug a full house. Doug bet all-in $28,260.80 into $47,420 and Daniel called, giving Doug a $103,941.60 pot.

12. Two Pair Over Two Pair for $96,299.60

13. Full House Over Trips for $95,549.16

14. Quads vs Flush for $93,828.24

15. Straight Over Straight for $93,242.04

16. Straight Over Straight for $93,029.68

17. Aces vs Kings for $92,572

Start: 9599
End: 9702

18. Set over Set for $84,797.50

19. Flush vs Straight for $82,797.50

20. Straight vs Set for $81,630

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Home > 10 Bonus Beats from Polk vs Negreanu
Home > 10 Bonus Beats from Polk vs Negreanu
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