What is Sharkscope & Is It Worth The Price?

What is Sharkscope & Is It Worth The Price?

Sharkscope functions as one of the longest-running poker databases in the industry. The Sharkscope database includes online poker tournament results that go back nearly 20 years, covering a wide range of poker sites.

The database still remains a vital tool for modern-day online poker tournament players. The following review aims to answer a couple of vital questions:

What is Sharkscope, and is it worth the price?

Sharkscope Online Poker Database

Sharkscope contains a comprehensive database of multi-table tournament and sit & go (SNG) results. You can look up a poker player’s results from numerous online poker rooms, even some that no longer operate.

The Sharkscope database includes results from PokerStars, PartyPoker, GGPoker, 888Poker, Winamax, and several other international poker networks. Sharkscope also includes player statistics from U.S.-facing sites like BetMGM, the PokerStars USA network, Global Poker, Americas Cardroom, and many others.

When you’re playing an online poker tournament, you can input a player name on the Sharkscope website and bring up all tournament and sit & go results for that screen name on a given site.

Some sites require players to opt-in to allow Sharkscope to display their results. If a player doesn’t opt-in on these sites, you won’t be able to view their player statistics.

You can look up and view statistics for the majority of opponents you’ll encounter, however. You can make five free searches per day, or you can opt for a Sharkscope subscription at various price points.


The five free searches offer access to Sharkscope’s “Basic Search” parameters. Paying for a Sharkscope subscription is a much better way to go, however.

The paid versions unlock access to one of the best poker tools available in the modern game. Paid subscriptions open the door to the advanced search feature, which breaks down online poker players‘ multi-table tournament (MTT) and sit & go results across several categories.

The advanced search includes metrics like a player’s average profit, average buy-in, total profit, ROI, and a player skill rating based on results. You can filter for No-Limit Hold’em, Omaha, and several other poker variants.

What is Sharkscope & Is It Worth The Price?

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The search also displays graphs of sit & go and tournament results. If an opponent has put in any kind of volume on the online poker streets, you’ll get a great idea of the true skill level that the player brings to the table.

Sharkscope offers three subscription levels for player searches, tiered as Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The Bronze tier is offered at $6 per month, but only offers 10 searches per day.

The Silver tier expands your possible searches to 150 per day, and also includes the Sharkscope HandTracker feature. The Silver package comes for $12 per month and should be enough for most players to receive incredible value from a Sharkscope subscription.

If Silver isn’t quite enough, the Gold tier expands to 1,000 daily searches and includes all of the benefits of the Silver tier. A Gold subscription costs $26 per month and also includes the Sharkscope HUD and Sharkscope Sync add-ons.

Is Sharkscope Worth The Price?

Are the paid subscriptions to Sharkscope worth the monthly fee? The answer is yes.

The value of knowing what you’re up against in terms of skill level at a poker table is enormous. If you go into a poker situation against a lineup of unknown players, you’re forced to evaluate the talent level of each opponent on the fly.

With Sharkscope at your disposal, however, you can see each opponent’s tournament results right when you’re seated at a new table. The SIlver (in most situations) and Gold tier packages allow enough searches to look up every opponent you’ll face in a multi-table tournament.

If you’re serious at all about achieving success at online poker tournaments, Sharkscope is a must-have tool in your arsenal.

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