Trips vs Sets: Is There A Difference?

Trips vs Sets: Is There A Difference?

The difference between trips and a set might present one of the biggest points of confusion in poker. The “trips” moniker certainly makes sense when referring to any three of a kind hand, but seasoned players know the distinction between trips and a set.

If you’ve ever wondered what makes these two terms for three of a kind different, read on:

Poker Trips Vs. Set

Three of a kind hands can happen a couple of different ways in community card poker games like Texas Hold’em and Omaha

When you make three of a kind using one hole card and to community card, you’ve made trips. For example, if your hole cards are AK♠, and K♣ K3 hits the board, you’ve made trip kings.

A set involves making three of a kind with two hole cards and one community card. For instance, if you’re holding 5♠ 5, and A♠ 7♣ 5 hits on the flop, you’ve made a set of fives.

Is There Really a Difference Between Trips and a Set?

Trips and sets both represent three of a kind, a strong hand in the poker hand rankings. The way you arrive at three of a kind can make a big difference in strategy, however.

A set is generally much more disguised than trips. If the board reads K♣K3♦ and you make a big raise, opponents will expect you to hold a king in many instances. Making that same raise on the A♠7♣5 board could represent a lot of different hands, and your set of fives is well-disguised.

Knowing the difference between a set and trips also helps when describing a hand history to a fellow player or poker forum. Experienced players definitely know the difference, and by using the right term you can assure that your fellow seasoned players know exactly what happened in a hand.

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Home > Trips vs Sets: Is There A Difference?
Home > Trips vs Sets: Is There A Difference?
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