"PokerSnowie aims to provide every kind of player the tools they need to significantly improve their level of play."


PokerSnowie is a very strong No Limit Hold'em poker player. Its knowledge is based on artificial intelligence neural networks and mathematical models, and its experience is the result of trillions of hands of gameplay against itself over the course of a decade.

By playing the hands against itself PokerSnowie can identify and remove poor strategies and leaks, slowly molding itself into the "ideal poker player."

PokerSnowie has no expert knowledge built in and its goal is to develop a perfectly balanced and un-exploitable strategy, making it the perfect partner to help you develop a long term winning strategy.

See how your opponent would best respond to your play, and the odds that you have the best hand at showdown.

If you are not sure why PokerSnowie made the move it did. The tip will give you it's logic behind it.

Import your hand histories and get an easy to filter and sort breakdown of your past hands to review.

PokerSnowie will tell you the strength of your current hand, along with a real time evaluation of how you play it out. 

Tools such as hand range, preflop advice, and range advice help you pinpoint and counter your opponents moves. 

Play head-to-head with the AI to test your skill in a range of customizable problem spots.

See how well you played the hand out now that all the money is off the table.

Get a detailed breakdown of how much money you made in a session, both pre and post rake.

Find your weakest spots to focus your studies on that specific area of play.

See your frequencies in specific spots to help you construct a balanced game.