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Poker Life Podcast: Ryan Fee

Today on the Poker Life Podcast, Joey Ingram sits down with Upswing co-founder Ryan Fee!

Ryan Fee’s poker story started as many others’ stories do; underage, a small deposit and micro stakes. Ryan discovered the game as a high school student in 2006 and quickly turned all his attention to poker, surfing poker forums in class and grinding all day and night when he got home. Within a year Ryan moved his way up to mid stakes and his initial $300 deposit was now a five figure bankroll.

By 2008 Ryan had worked his way up to $10/$20 no limit when he decided to fly to Costa Rica to vacation with friends. There was an LAPT event at the time which he didn’t plan on playing, but his last second decision to register proved to be a good one. Ryan went on to win the tournament for over $285k, knocking “win a tournament” off his bucket list while doubling his bankroll.

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Over the next five years Ryan moved around between California, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Mexico, Australia, and Asia playing online poker at the highest stakes. In 2014 Ryan set his sites back to the live tournament felt after some persuasion from his good friend and Upswing co-founder Doug Polk. Doug’s advice was on point and Ryan went on to final table a WPT main event and win a WPT high roller event within a year.

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Since his breakthrough in 2008 Ryan has been interested in creating a comprehensive explanation of what poker is, how it works and how to think about the game, and he’s thrilled to be accomplishing that goal today with Upswing Poker.

On Today’s Poker Life Podcast:

  • Eating too much tuna and getting mercury poisoning
  • Upswing Poker
  • Fee’s free ebook in 2008
  • Future poker plans
  • PLO
  • Amaya changes
  • David Baazov insider trading allegations
  • HUNL Power Rankings
  • Shady poker sites
  • Jamie Gold
  • High stakes bracelet bets
  • The origin of his friendship with Doug Polk


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