Poker Life Podcast: Greg Merson

Today Joey talks to WSOP Main Event Champion Greg “greggy” Merson!

Greg Merson started out playing poker online. He was a mass multi tabler at midstakes NL on pokerstars, playing 24 tables at once. In a famous post on the 2p2 poker forum https://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/19/high-stakes-pl-nl/drug-addiction-poker-1227023/?highlight=drugs He talks about drugs and poker. He used to wake up and take an adderall, grind all day, and then smoke marijuana to help him unwind and sleep.

Greggy eventually started playing less tables and moved up in stakes online, while playing live on the side. In 2012 he had an unbelievable run at the WSOP. He finished 21st in the $3,000 6 handed NL for $16,850, 5th in the $2,500 Four handed NL for $70,280, 1st in the $10,000 Six Handed NL for $1,136,197, and WON THE MAIN EVENT FOR $8,531,853.

I’ve met Greggy several times and can say that he is a really cool dude. He’s a smart and dedicated poker player who is sponsored by WSOP and lives in New Jersey and plays on their NJ only site every day.


On the Podcast today:

  • Traveling to Canada to Play online poker
  • Playing Cash games vs tournaments
  • Winning and losing a ton of money online
  • Trying PLO
  • Representing WSOP in New Jersey
  • Playing HUGE Macau games
  • Playing poker on “$25k Napkin” Credit
  • Causing a ruckus in JRB’s Aria Game
  • Pee Bottles
  • Taking drugs and getting clean
  • Eating Healthy
  • Fantasy Sports
  • Playing the Live tourney circuit
  • And Much more!

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Home > Poker Life Podcast: Greg Merson
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