Take a Sneak Peek Inside the PLO University Training Course

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Fernando “JNandez87” Habegger holding his WCOOP bracelet.

Pot Limit Omaha expert Fernando “JNandez” Habegger has completed and launched his training course PLO University.

Fernando and fellow Upswing coach Ryan Fee shared and discussed the details of the course in an hour long Facebook live stream (timestamps and highlights below).

(00:00) – Fernando’s background in poker
(07:01)Q&A about PLO University
(12:41) – Course walkthrough begins
(12:50) – Course content: Preflop Introduction
(17:42) Course content: Preflop Decision Making
(23:26) – Course content: Postflop Introduction
(28:00) – Course content: PLO Play & Explains
(29:50) – Bonus PLO University course on HUDs, PokerJuice & Odds Oracle
(37:11) – Q&A with viewers

PLO University Questions and Answers

Q: Is the course suitable for newcomers to PLO?
A: Absolutely. It is a comprehensive course that will teach you fundamental PLO theory from the ground up.

Q: Is it helpful for live PLO players?
A: For sure. Live PLO games are still extremely soft as this variant of poker is still in its infancy when compared to NLHE. Studying the PLO University material will give you a huge edge over these less-experienced live opponents.

Q: What content does the course include?
A: Around 30 hours of video material. This includes database reviews as well as a ton of poker learning software that will help you improve your game. Everyone who purchases the course will also be invited to a private group on Facebook where we discuss strategy and I can answer any PLO-related questions you have.  

Q: How much does the course cost?
A: $999 USD.

Q: Isn’t that a bit expensive?
A: Not when you consider the long-term payoff and general cost of coaching. If you apply the material in this course at the tables, you’ll make the money back in no time. If you compare the equivalent cost of 1-on-1 coaching with me (30 hours would cost $18,000), it is unbelievable value.

Q: Are there any bonuses?
A: In addition to the private PLO Facebook group, a special bonus course covering PLO Software ($499 value) will be free until April 21st.  After April 21st, the Advanced PLO Software Tutorial course is discounted to $99 for those already enrolled in the PLO University.

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What Topics Does Course Cover?

The course is divided into 4 sections:

  • Preflop Introduction (8 parts)
  • Preflop Decision Making (15 parts)
  • Postflop Introduction (12 parts)
  • PLO Play & Explains (11 parts)

Preflop Introduction

This section covers the most important preflop concepts you’ll need to understand in order to become a fundamentally sound PLO player.

plo university preflop intro

When you properly grasp these preflop ideas, it will make your postflop game much stronger going forward.

In the final three videos of this section, you’ll learn how to effectively review your database of hands which will allow you to identify your own leaks and improve your PLO strategy through self-study.

Preflop Decision Making

This section breaks down preflop strategy by position.

plo university preflop decisions pot limit omaha education

It’s necessary to segment this section in this way because ranges will face different pressures depending on your position at the table. For example, you are likely to face more 3-bets from early position as well as play more multi-way pots, meaning that your ranges here must be adjusted to effectively deal with these different circumstances.

Hand histories are included to demonstrate these ranges in action at the table. 

Postflop Introduction

In his analysis of postflop play in PLO, Fernando makes use of PioSOLVER – an extremely powerful learning tool used by a number of high-stakes players.

plo university postflop intro

PioSOLVER is used to explain and prove the effectiveness of the theories explained throughout the course.

You don’t need any former experience with solvers to benefit from this – everything is explained in a way which will help newcomers and experienced players alike. 

 PLO Play & Explains

This section has real-time videos of JNandez playing PLO both online and live.

pot limit omaha education play and explains

 These videos let you see how to apply the concepts you’ve picked up throughout the course at the tables. It also includes a session where a HUD is not used to focus on how to approach PLO from a solely theoretical perspective.

The final part of this section features Ryan Fee, and you’ll get to see him and Fernando talk in-depth about hands as they play out.

Bonus: PLO Software Training Course

The PLO University comes with an optional add-on PLO Software training course that covers HUDs, PokerJuice and Odds Oracle ($499 value).

This add-on will be available free as a bonus to anyone who joins PLO University before Friday, April 21st at midnight.

The PLO Software course is divided into 3 sections:

  • HUD tutorial (1 part)
  • Getting Started with PokerJuice (4 parts)
  • Modules and Functions (8 parts)

This bonus course will make your study sessions more efficient and deepen your understanding of PLO theory.

PLUS – All PLO University members will get access to Fernando’s private PLO Facebook Group!

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Home > Take a Sneak Peek Inside the PLO University Training Course
Home > Take a Sneak Peek Inside the PLO University Training Course
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