How to Find Local Poker Games Near You with Poker Atlas

If you’re looking for poker games to play in your area, you’ve come to the right place.

The following is a 3-step guide to help you find the poker game you’re looking for with Poker Atlas. We’ll also talk about another way to find poker games just in case there aren’t any poker rooms near you.

What is Poker Atlas?

Poker Atlas is a poker pro-approved tool for finding live poker cash games, tournaments, and special events in just about any city. The website is easy to navigate and takes the guesswork out of figuring out what games are offered at local casinos.

Step 1. Get a list of poker rooms near you

First, enter your city (or the city you’ll be visiting) by clicking the green arrow next to the Poker Atlas logo on the top of the page. (Your current location may be selected by default.)

poker atlas enter your location

From there, click “Poker Rooms” on the main menu to see a comprehensive list of poker rooms operating in that city, including the number of tables, cash games, and tournaments they’re operating.

poker atlas las vegas rooms

This is just a small portion of the Las Vegas poker room results.

Note: You can also use the Map feature to see where each room is geographically. 

Step 2. Browse tournaments and/or cash games in your area

Now that you know where the poker rooms are located, you can dive a little deeper into your game of choice. You have a couple of options for doing this:

  • Click the “Tourneys” or “Cash” icons next to a specific poker room to see which tournaments/cash games run in that room.
  • Click “Tournaments” or “Cash Games” on the main menu to see a list of all tournaments/cash games in your city.

Browsing cash games

Let’s click on the “Cash” icon for the Bellagio and see what cash games the casino has to offer:

poker atlas bellagio poker games

The first few cash games on the Bellagio’s list

This list provides all of the info you need to know for each game, including the blinds, buy-in, and how frequently it runs. 

You can also get a list of every cash game in the city by clicking “Cash Games” from the main menu. Depending on your city, this list may be very long and tough to navigate, but it can be helpful if you want to browse every cash game at once.

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Browsing tournaments

Now, let’s click on the “Tourneys” icon for the Aria Casino to see the tournament schedule over there:

Poker Atlas tournament calendar

There sure are a lot of tournaments over at the Aria!

Any special events going on at a poker room are listed on this tournament calendar as well, hence those very high buy-ins you see from February 12-22. These will be full of high-stakes professionals like Upswing Poker’s tournament coach Nick Petrangelo. Most of us should probably stick to the $140 and $240 buy-ins on the calendar.

You can also look at the tournament schedule for the entire city poker rooms by clicking “Tournaments” on the main menu. Here’s what that looks like today in Las Vegas:

poker atlas poker tournaments in vegas

This is just a small snapshot of the entire list for the day in Las Vegas.

You can also click “Show Filters” and filter the list by game, buy-in, day of the week, and more. Using these filters makes it easy for you to find the perfect tournament for your schedule and bankroll.

Step 3. Call the poker room for more information

If you have a question, want to know if a specific game is running, or something else, call the casino and ask for the poker room. They’ll be able to tell you anything you need to know about the room.

Final Thoughts on Finding Poker Games

Another way to find local poker games is on, a site that brings people of similar interests in a local area together. Meetup gives you all kinds of options for group activities, and you can sign up for groups dedicated to things like hiking, cooking, writing, poetry, and just about anything else you can think of.

Included on that list are poker meetups, which can give you access to regularly occurring poker cash games as tournament leagues, as well as one-time events. With any meetup group, and especially going into an unknown home poker game, use caution and make sure you properly vet the meetup group. Always check out the reviews of a poker meetup to get an idea of the environment, and don’t put your money down if you don’t feel comfortable about this situation.

Live poker is still alive and well! So check out Poker Atlas, or look for a poker meetup, and get into a game today!

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Home > How to Find Local Poker Games Near You with Poker Atlas
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