Joey Ingram at WSOP July 2016

Joey Ingram WSOP Main Event Update Show

As action in the 2016 WSOP Main Event builds momentum towards the final table, Poker Life Podcast host Joey Ingram will make a live cast appearance starting some time Saturday night Pacific Time.

This year’s Series has been a receipt-filled summer with a Top 10 Stories list that fans can already sink their teeth into. Papi spent several weeks out at the WSOP but will host the show from his crib in Chicago.

2016 WSOP Main Event Update Show — WATCH LIVE

Joey Ingram WSOP Main Event Update Show layout

Upswing Poker caught up with Joey as he was making final tweaks to the layout of his upcoming show.

Joey Ingram Pre-Show Quotes: July 16, 2016

Q: What can you tell us about tonight’s live stream?

Joey Ingram: “I’ll be casting during actual WSOP Main Event play, taking the updates that are provided by, taking things that people are tweeting, and talking about some of the hands that happen.

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I’ll have some guests on… probably one or two guys that work in the media like Remko Rinkema I want to have him come up because he’s going to be putting a lot of updates on Twitter and he’ll be on-location in Vegas and I’ll probably have some Poker Life Podcast favorites on.”

Q: What will the show be like?

Joey Ingram: “I think the overall goal is that… I read something on TwoPlusTwo about how there are always unknowns who make the Main Event final table. I think there’s a way for that not to be the case and that’s through better storytelling or better reporting, and obviously I only have access to so much information about the players but with the Internet, with using information from people who are going to be watching the show, people on Twitter — we’re going to be able to find out a lot of information about these unknown players. We’ll be able to follow along as the action plays down to 100, then down to 50, to 27 and then the Final Table.

Joey Ingram live cast

So instead of them being super unknown, we’ll have a much better idea about who these players are, what they do for a living and stuff like that. Basically the idea is that they don’t have to be well-known. Their stories can be told with a little bit of groundwork and by live streaming during the entire Event you have time to talk about as many people as you can instead of just focusing on a narrow number of people you can talk about everyone who’s still in the WSOP Main Event. This way you can build up more story lines rather than just an hour format on ESPN where you can only build up so many story lines.”

2016 WSOP Main Event Live Coverage (Links)

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