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Jeff Gross Talks SHMarathon, Michael Phelps & More on the Poker Life Podcast

Jeff Gross is a professional poker player from Ann Arbor, Michigan who regularly makes appearances in High Roller tournaments all around the world.

Jeff started his poker career playing low stakes online and used online poker as his sole income source while playing soccer for the Michigan Wolverines. Winning a major tournament has alluded him, but he has a number of very impressive scores in difficult and prestigious events.

On an episode that was originally recorded on October 10th, 2016, Jeff talks about the SHMarathon charity streaming project, Michael Phelps, and more!

Jeff Gross on the Poker Life Podcast with Joe Ingram:

  • 1:02 – SHMarathon – Charity poject
  • 7:11 supporting Michael Phelps (Olympics)
  • 14:33 – StreamHouse
  • 16:00 poker twitch
  • 22:44 stakekings
  • 45:23 – More SHMarathon
  • 49:52 B(razilian)GG
  • 55:30 More stakekings
  • 1:09:48 Bill Perkins
  • 1:15:30 professional best friend
  • 1:21:09 – More StreamHouse

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