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Jake Schindler: Poker Results & Memorable Hands

Poker’s small circle of high-roller tournament regulars includes Jake Schindler. Schindler’s poker ability makes him one of the most highly-regarded players in the world among his high-stakes peers.

Still just 31 years old, Schindler has amassed more than $25 million in career tournament earnings. He’s a regular presence at the final table in poker tournaments with nosebleed buy-ins, and always a threat to win an event he’s in.

Here’s a look at the poker career of Jake Schindler, one of the best players in the modern era of poker.

Jake Schindler’s Tournament Results and Biggest Cashes

As of December 2020, Jake Schindler’s career poker tournament earnings total $25,269,982. Schindler’s five biggest tournament scores include:

  1. 2017 Super High Roller Bowl Las Vegas $300,000 No-Limit Hold’em (2nd – $3,600,000)
  2. 2018 partypoker MILLIONS Barcelona €100,000 Grand Final (1st – $2,151,754)
  3. 2018 WPT Five Diamond Classic $100,000 No-Limit Hold’em (1st – $1,332,000)
  4. 2014 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure $25,000 Super High Roller (1st – $1,192,624)
  5. 2016 Aria Super High Roller $100,000 No-Limit Hold’em (3rd – $835,956)

Check out Schindler’s entire resume of tournament cashes on his Hendon Mob page.

Jake Schindler’s Memorable Hands

The following hand takes place at the partypoker MILLIONS Barcelona €100,000 Grand Final, a tournament Schindler goes on to win for a $2,151,754 score. This hand pits Schindler against Upswing Poker tournament coach Nick Petrangelo:

These two familiar foes start the hand with Petrangelo opening to 140,000 on the button with A K♠ , and Schindler making the call from the big blind with Q8♠. The flop comes 6♣ A♣ 8,and Schindler check-calls a 240,000 bet from Petrangelo.

The turn falls 8, putting Schindler in the lead with trip eights. Schindler leads out for 575,000, and Petrangelo makes the call.

The river comes 8♣, putting Petrangelo in a disastrous position. Schindler shoves, with his 9.1 million stack having Petrangelo’s 2.4 million chips well covered. Petrangelo thinks it over for a few seconds before making the call but sees the bad news when Schindler turns over his quad eights.

The next hand we’ll look at puts Schindler in a battle with another Upswing Poker coach, multi-table tournament specialist Pratyush Baddiga. This hand plays out at the 2017 Super High Roller Bowl, in which Schindler goes on to finish third for the biggest cash of his career ($3,600,000):

Schindler and Buddiga hold the two largest stacks at the table to begin the hand. This pot starts with Schindler calling an open raise for 90,000, and Buddiga three-betting to 400,000. Schindler, in position, makes the call.

The flop brings a set for Schindler, coming out 87♣ Q. Buddiga checks and Schindler bets 400,000 into the 950,000 pot. Buddiga decides to just check-call.

The turn comes 3♠, and facing a check Schindler bets 750,000 into the 1.75 million pot. Buddiga calls again, as the pot expands to 3.25 million going to fifth street.

That river card brings the 3♣ to the board, and Buddiga checks again. Schindler goes all in for his remaining 2.5 million, and Buddiga goes deep into the tank. He eventually decides on a call, and Schindler moves into a commanding chip lead.

Rise to Poker’s Top Tier

Schindler’s Hendon Mob tournament results show frequent five-figure cashes from 2009-2013, mostly in US-based live tournaments. His poker earnings began to skyrocket in 2013 and 2014.

Schindler’s online results through those two years, under the screen name ‘CaLLitARUSH’ on PokerStars, put him on the map as a top-level tournament. According to, Schindler earned more than $760,000 on PokerStars in those two years.

PokerStars seized around $250,000 from Schindler’s account in 2014, however, for suspected play from the US using a remote desktop. Schindler created a TwoPlusTwo forums thread detailing the incident.

Jake Schindler: Poker Results & Memorable Hands

Jake Schindler has emerged as one of the world’s best tournament players over the last decade. (Image source: Flickr/World Poker Tour)

Nothing could stop Schindler from dominating the live tournament circuit, however. Schindler’s scored what was at the time the biggest score of his career in January 2014, winning the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure $25,000 No-Limit High Roller for $1,192,624. He added five more six-figure cashes before the end of 2014, and that was just the start of Schindler’s rise to status as a high-stakes tournament fixture.

Schindler’s best year came in 2017, with $6,116,360 in live earnings. As of December 2020, Schindler sits at No. 17 on the all-time money list, with more than $25 million in live tournament earnings.

Schindler is known for his creative play and reserved demeanor at the poker table. While Schindler strikes an almost silent presence when he plays, under that exterior lies one of poker’s most talented players.

Born in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, Schindler turned 31 years old in 2020. Not much information on Schindler’s life away from the poker table exists online, lining up with Schindler’s quiet and mysterious persona in the game.

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Home > Jake Schindler: Poker Results & Memorable Hands
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