ICMIZER 3: Maximize Your Edge in Poker Tournaments

ICMIZER 3: Maximize Your Edge in Poker Tournaments

ICMIZER 3: Maximize Your Edge in Poker Tournaments

Tournament players, rejoice!

ICMIZER 3, the latest update in the cutting-edge ICMIZER series of poker tournament analysis tools, has arrived.

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The ICMIZER software suite has been one of the most popular and most-utilized tools for tournament players since its launch. After nearly four years of research and development, ICMIZER 3 is now available, giving poker players the most advanced and valuable edition of the series yet.

Let’s take a look at some of the new features of ICMIZER 3:

Automated Hand Analysis

ICMIZER 3 provides tournament poker players with one of the fastest and most effective tools for improving.

The Automated Hand Analysis feature allows you to plug in a hand history from any online poker tournament, and the tool will administer ICM analysis to every short-stacked effective hand you played. For any situation that involves a push or fold decision, the Automated Hand Analysis tool will evaluate your play.

Think of this feature as a quick and effective meta-tool to find leaks in your tournament game. For every short-stacked effective hand you’re involved in, this tool will analyze your moves and show you whether your play was correct.

Valentin Kuzub explains more about the Automated Hand Analysis feature in this video (start at 3:12).

ICM Calculations in MTT Tournaments

ICMIZER 3 allows for analysis of traditional SNGs, as well as Spin & Go, Knockout, Progressive Knockout and multi-table tournaments.

The MTT analyzer tool is a new feature in this latest ICMIZER update. For situations that include up to 500 remaining players in an MTT, this feature provides both Nash equilibrium and ICM calculations for all push/fold situations.

Previous versions of ICMIZER included this tool for up to 100 players, but with this feature now expanded, players can develop strategies for just about any stage of a given tournament.

The MTT analyzer is easily executed. Just enter the total amount of chips in play for a tournament scenario, as well as remaining number of players (up to 500). MTT analyzer will give you the perfect ICM strategy to navigate through even large-field situations.

Range Editor with Hand Weights

Another new aspect of the ICMIZER 3 suite is the Range Editor with Hand Weights.

Estimating your opponents’ push, fold, and calling ranges are an essential part of utilizing tools like the Automated Hand Analysis feature. The ICMIZER 3 update allows you to assign weights to a hand range, making Nash and ICM calculations even more accurate.

The hand weights can be assigned with an easy-to-execute, user-friendly interface. For example, let’s say you want to see how a strategy would look if you pushed with AQ suited 35 percent of the time .

To assign that 35 percent weight to the hand, simply click on AQs in the range viewer, the use the slider at the top of the screen to assign it the 35 percent value. The Range Editor with Hand Weights feature takes Nash and ICM calculations to the next level, as complex, modern mixed strategies can now be inputted into your poker tournament studies.


Other New Features

CFR + Nash Equilibrium Ranges: ICMIZER 3 utilizes a cutting-edge algorithm, known as Counterfactual Regret Minimization (CFR). These CFR Nash calculations provide users with an unparalleled level of accuracy and precision.

Nash Ranges With Locked Strategies: In a multi-player situation, lock in a strategy for one or more players that deviates from Nash Equilibrium, and calculate the optimal response from other players accordingly. This feature is essential for real-life, in-game situations.

Precise Nash Ranges with Raisers: This feature was available in the previous version of ICMIZER, but the ICMIZER 3 version provides users with a higher level of accuracy. Evaluate CFR + Nash Calculations for complex situations that include one or two preflop raisers.

Favorite Rooms: Access poker tournaments from all of your favorite poker rooms right from the ICMIZER software.

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Also included in the software package are tools that should be familiar to ICMIZER users, and will revolutionize tournament strategy for new users. Those tools include the SNG coach feature, updated for ICMIZER 3.

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