doug polk wins bankroll challenge

Doug Polk Wins the Bankroll Challenge – $100 to $10,000 in 58 Days

At the end of the 57th session of the Bankroll Challenge, Doug Polk was still $6,882 away from his goal of $10,000. (He started with $100.)   

The challenge has taken place on and off over the past 2 years, and many people expected the finish line to be months away, if Doug ever completed the challenge at all.

But suddenly, after a massive cash game session on, Doug’s challenge bankroll skyrocketed past the $10,000 and bottles of champagne were popped before the night was over. What happened?

Bankroll Challenge Day #58 Recap

Doug started what no one expected to be his final Bankroll Challenge session playing a mix of 50NL, 100NL, and 200NL. His plans were to settle in for an 11 hour session, but his patience was tested on the very first hand of the day after running flopped trips into a rivered full house. 

Thankfully, this beat wasn’t a sign of things to come.

The action was relatively slow, but the bankroll recovered and climbed as Doug played multiple opponents heads up at 200NL. He broke the $4,000 mark for the first time in the challenge after nearly four hours of streaming.

He toyed with moving up to NL500, stakes that seemed incredibly distant the day before–when the bankroll briefly dipped below $2,500. He decided to delay his 500NL, however, preferring to wait until he had $6k or $7k ready. Twitch viewers soon realized it would likely be some time before Doug hopped in the 500NL streets.

But, just two hours after reaching $4k, the bankroll crossed $5k. Then $6k an hour after that. The stream was only halfway done, and the bankroll had gained more than $3,000.

Well, in the midst of a run like this, what better time to take a shot at NL500?

If we make it, we make it. If we don’t, then just get some bruises and pick up tomorrow… we’re going for the win.

Some losses followed by big wins characterized the NL500 session. Every win seemed meteoric compared to the previous session, like this crucial $1461 pot that Doug dragged thanks to a 2-outer on the river:

doug polk bankroll challenge win

All-in pre

Doug used to have to grind for hours for $1000, now it happens with the turn of a card. A few hours later, he would break into $8,000 territory.

He was playing well and running like a god at the right time. Closing in on the 11th hour of the stream, Doug asked his girlfriend to get a bottle of champagne. “This could be the night,” he said with a hopeful smile on his face.

At what was planned to be the end of the session, Doug claimed his rakeback and checked his bankroll: $9638.

Not wanting to risk getting stacked and being set back, he moved down to 200NL.

If I have a massive downswing right now, it would be the worst feeling of my poker career.

All he had to do was run reasonably well, get two stacks, and the challenge was over. He waited for NL200 heads-up opponents while he played PLO200. Soon (very soon, after about a minute of waiting) he grew impatient and joined a 500NL table.

His tables soon filled up and, after a few hands, the bankroll peaked at $9,863–$137 away. Over the next hour, Doug’s bankroll took a hit down to $9,300–a nerve-racking moment for fans watching–but he worked it back up to $9,986 when he was dealt A9 at a 200NL table.

The final hand of the Bankroll Challenge

His face says it all, doesn’t it?

After 2 years, 58 sessions, and a +$7000 final day, it finally happened. With one final check of the balance, the Bankroll Challenge came to an end.

Doug celebrated with his girlfriend Katie, who busted out the champagne and their dogs, Binks and Luna.

Doug closed the stream with an announcement: he will not be playing much poker in the foreseeable future. He will still make poker content for the Upswing Lab and his YouTube channel, and this experience has inspired him to create a module on how to build a bankroll

You can gain access to this module when it’s released, plus 57 modules right now when you get in the Upswing Lab. Learn more about the Lab here.

Adios, BRC!

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