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Doug Polk Recaps The Summer In His 6th Poker Life Appearance

Upswing co-founder, coach and hero Doug Polk joins the Poker Life Podcast for a 6th time to recap the summer and shoot the **** with Joey.

Doug is a heads up cash game specialist that has recently started focusing on growing his personal brand along with the brand of Upswing. He is an active streamer on Twitch and creates YouTube videos on his channel.

Doug Polk on the Poker Life Podcast with Joe Ingram:

  • 5:00 – Tag-Team Bracelet Win
  • 10:41 – Upswing Party
  • 13:46 – HUNL These Days
  • 15:20 – PolkerNews
  • 24:43 – Wobbly_au Funding Houses
  • 39:16 – Country Rankings
  • 45:02 – #savedurrrr
  • 55:31 – Game Up The Life
  • 1:05:58 – GTO Snapchat 
  • 1:24:59 – $100 -> $10k Challenge Propbets

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