Joey Ingram and Doug Polk pose September 2017

Doug Polk Returns to Poker Life Podcast

Topic summary of September 4th, 2017 episode.

Upswing Poker pro and three-time WSOP bracelet winner Doug Polk returned to the Poker Life Podcast Tuesday to discuss current events with host Joey Ingram. Polk, who is making his Poker After Dark debut this week, “conversated” with Joey about several topics that are in the news as we head towards the final quarter of the 2017 calendar year.

Here is a Timestamps summary — along with quotes — of the main topics that were discussed.

(11:23) The Popularity of Poker Vlogs (14:20) Fedor Holz Signs with Partypoker “It seems that Partypoker is really trying to step-in here and say, ‘Hey we have an opportunity right now to strike.'” (Joey) “It seems like the future of them overtaking Stars in some capacity is pretty near.” (Joey) “When you are the monopoly, when you’re the industry leader… you really control the market, and you start to do f**ked up sh*t… you can lose that.” (Doug) “I think it’s good to see some competition. I think overall I like a lot of what Party is doing. I think adding in players like Fedor does add a lot of credibility to the Partypoker brand.” (Doug) (27:04) Daniel Negreanu Defends Alec Torelli on Twitter “I don’t think that makes it okay to hide your big chips behind your small chips. Whether that was happening in the 90s or not, there should be protection for players to be able to see what they’re playing for.” (Doug) “I don’t think Alec maliciously did it at first, even though that ssSuperSoak video kind of showed it might have been a little more questionable… My problem was how he acted afterwards, trying to make it right. I don’t feel like he did a good job with that at all.” (Doug) (28:12) Poker Masters Prop Bets “Listen man, Daniel’s got heart. I can’t say he [doesn’t] got heart man, I respect that.” (Joey) “Even though it’s $50k, the actual bet is kind of small because [94-96%] of the time neither one of us wins it. So it’s a Push like 95% of the time.” (Doug) (31:47) Recent Will Kassouf Live At The Bike Hand (34:03) PAD “Rumble with Jungle” Week “I actually think that even in this lineup, I think that I’m winning. I think that there are a few people that… I don’t want to call anyone out specifically here, but I feel solid in this lineup.” (Doug) “It’s really difficult seeing [Poker Central] being profitable with less than like 40,000 or 50,000 subscribers and I mean… free streams in poker can’t get that.” (Doug) “I feel like the content that they are putting together… it seems like the value is there.” (Joey) (44:19) Tom Dwan Discussion “I think it was a big moment when Jungle said that on the podcast. That Durrr has paid him like $700k to $800k, and no one knew that. No one had any idea those payments were going on. In my mind that does make it a much better situation. If Tom had just paid nothing I think what happened in the Durrrr Challenge would just be terrible. And it’s still bad. I mean, if you owe someone that money for this many years, you think about the value of that money, it still is a problem. It’s just better, right?” (Doug) “It’s good to see Tom back. I think it’s very good to have him as part of the poker community and I hope that he pays his debts and becomes a more upstanding member of the community.” (Doug) (48:14) Leon Tsoukernik Discussion (1:03:22) Phil Hellmuth GOAT Discussion (1:08:10) The Rise of Poker Night in America (1:14:42) Streamboat #2 with Bill Perkins (1:24:10) Social Media Politics Wars (1:26:13) Doug Adapting to Rise in Popularity

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Home > Doug Polk Returns to Poker Life Podcast
Home > Doug Polk Returns to Poker Life Podcast
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