Joey Ingram with Doug Polk July 5 2017

Doug Polk Discusses Alec Torelli Controversy on Poker Life Podcast

Upswing Poker Lab Creator Doug Polk sat down with “Papi” Joey Ingram recently to talk about current events in the industry as well as the ongoing Alec Torelli controversy which has been playing out on YouTube, Twitter, and the Two Plus Two News, Views & Gossip Forum these last few weeks.

TIMESTAMPS – Poker Life Podcast – July 5, 2017 (Guest: Doug Polk)

(0:00) Patented Papi Intro from #PolkPalace
(1:20) Doug’s been busy doing WSOP commentary on PokerGo
(2:51) Upswing Poker Party at Surrender nightclub this Friday
(6:11) Response to recent “Double-A” Alec Torelli videos
(10:58) Doug’s content creation philosophy
(13:20) Part 2 of Alec Torelli discussion
(20:48) Marshmallow hype, Chicago Joey says, “I miss that dog.”
(21:29) WSOP Vlogging is “madness” this year in Las Vegas
(22:33) Current ‘Trooper97’ SNG entry poker ethics question
(26:27) Joey goes over PLO hand histories with Doug
(27:38) Live game with JNandezPoker, Ryan Fees, Andrew Neeme, John Beauprez
(29:26) 2017 WSOP Las Vegas Vlogging experiences
(30:47) Doug’s plans for future content
(32:53) Doug believes “cap” exists on popularity for poker-only entertainment
(34:58) Doug “enjoys” comedy – finds fulfillment in entertaining fans
(36:03) How has Doug handled his rise in popularity?
(37:06) Jason Somerville is a name-remembering savant
(37:45) 2017 #WSOOL with Joey and Jonah The Wizard Assistant
(38:26) Instagram Stories with Joey Ingram
(39:51) Las Vegas Living with Doug Polk
(41:23) Secret Engagement? Shout-outs.
(42:25) #WSOOL Bonus Giveaway and “Have we mentioned the Giveaway?”
(43:50) Joey makes “Upswing Poker Affiliate of The Year” pitch
(45:22) New Upswing Poker Lab Coach – Fried Meulders (MYNAMEISKARL)
(48:20) FEATURE: Doug and Joey give advice for aspiring poker players
(53:48) Old-school online poker story versus @KanuPoker Alex Millar
(56:53) Poker Swongs with Polk & Papi
(1:01:57) Doug’s success, backing/staking as an 18 year old in 2007
(1:03:40) Papi pays homage to Supreme Leader Douglas K. Polk… MTT PRO
(1:05:45) Upswing Poker Party, $30,000 USD WSOP Giveaway, Outro

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Home > Doug Polk Discusses Alec Torelli Controversy on Poker Life Podcast
Home > Doug Polk Discusses Alec Torelli Controversy on Poker Life Podcast
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