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The Truth About Dan Bilzerian’s Poker Ability Goes Viral

A recent YouTube video uploaded by two-time WSOP bracelet winner Doug Polk has gone viral thanks to popular United Kingdom publications TheLADbible, The Sun and others.

In the 15-minute clip, Polk discusses Dan Bilzerian‘s poker ability and speculates on whether the King of Instagram‘s fortune has been amassed exclusively from high stakes poker play.

“Dan [Bilzerian] sticks to the story he made all of his money from poker,” Polk explains. “And while that seems to be very unlikely to me, we’re never actually going to know for sure because he does play a lot of high stakes poker, and probably has won a lot of money there as well.”

Hours after uploading the video, Doug’s comments were modified and distributed throughout the United Kingdom via mass-traffic websites.

Polk was live this Thursday with longtime friend and fellow poker pro Joey Ingram as the story broke (video embedded below). The duo could neither contain their laughter, nor their reluctant admiration for the GTO headline-generation talents of mainstream lifestyle columnists.

“I didn’t even say one big lie,” Polk exclaimed at the 30-minute mark of the conversation. Referring to being misquoted, the $5 million live poker tournament cash prize winner stated, “In this instance I’m fine with it because it’s bringing in some more life to poker and I’ll take the coverage.” “It’s not like that big of a deal because [Bilzerian] probably is a fake. I mean really? He didn’t get his money from [poker],” the strategy expert quipped matter-of-factly before moving on. Ten minutes later, the real-time reaction continued as Doug was linked to a separate writeup posted by The Sun.

Yet it was an article published by that managed to turn the narrative on its head by calling the high stakes poker guru Dan Polk (since corrected).

YouTube Poker Ratings Soar

YouTube personalities have introduced poker to well over 100,000 new viewers these past few months as Doug, Joey, Upswing Poker featured pro Ryan Fee and several other top personalities have focused more of their efforts on the platform. It will be interesting to see how much of an impact these recreational fans make on the real money poker scene in 2017. 

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David Huber (known as “dhubermex” online) has been involved in the poker industry for more than a decade. He currently assists several poker and gaming entities as a researcher, writer, and consultant. Former Editor-in-Chief & Head Moderator of online tournament rankings site PocketFives (2006-2011).



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