Doug Polk Finds Religion During WCOOP

Upswing Poker pro leads Twitch audience in live prayer ahead of record-breaking score.

Could Divine Intervention be responsible for Doug Polk’s epic $455,000 WCOOP performance two weeks ago? Doug’s Twitch live-stream viewers who arrived early on that fateful September 19th morning got a rare glimpse at the vulnerable side of Team Upswing’s resident superstar.

Heading into Day 2 of the $10,300 buy-in WCOOP High Roller event, it got a lil’ touch-and-go as Doug led thousands of live viewers in prayer before embarking on his journey to the final table dealmaking Promised Land.

Dear Lord:

I’m going to be straight-up with You… I never believed in You.
Well, I didn’t not believe in You either. I just didn’t care.
I thought everyone was lying.

But something happened this year that made Me realize that You are out there.
And it was when Fedor won that third High Roller.
Before he won his 4th, 5th & 6th ones as well.
Now I don’t know what kind of pact he made with You.

Guide these chips, Lord.

Guide these chips, Lord.

And I can’t promise that I can make the same pact.
‘Cause frankly I don’t know what that was.
Maybe that was the Devil. Maybe that wasn’t Your work at all.

But what I will say is that I know You’re out there.
We got a lot of people here today that are really rooting for Us to take this down.
So I’m gonna play my best and as We both know… that has its weaknesses.

But if You could guide these chips, and no matter how the equity goes in…
You bring them home safely back to Me.
Then I’ll start doing prayers at the start of every session.
Until I start running bad. At which point I’m going to blame You.

And really God… what is DOUG really?
But GOD backwards, with a little bit of *U* in it.

So God if you’re listening, please… please Lord Antonius.
Shine down Your light on Me today. Shine down Your light on Us today.
And give Us the strength to fire that third bullet when the River bricks-off.
And we have the Jack-high.

As people say REKT and RITO BURRITO in the chat.
Let Us fire that third bullet for You, Lord.
In Antonius’ name, Amen!

Alliance Dependent on Short-Term Results

The fact that Doug Polk has temporarily teamed up with Holy Inc. may spell bad news for Nevada opponents this coming November once the 2016 Online Poker Bankroll Challenge resumes.

What originally looked like a 37% Month One increase got boosted by another 5 percent thanks to a timely reward payout — meaning Doug will start November off at $142.

Will the recently-formed partnership remain in place until then? Or will the alliance unravel as soon as Doug’s PLO Aces get cracked live on-stream?

Run-good faith has its limits after all. If God is cool with getting a shout-out for Doug’s recent WCOOP effort, should He not similarly take the heat once the cards stop cooperating?

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Home > Doug Polk Finds Religion During WCOOP
Home > Doug Polk Finds Religion During WCOOP
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