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A Win for Poker: Live Philadelphia Cash Game Stream Impresses

Doug Polk earns more than $80,000 in blue-ribbon beatdown.
Day 1 cast brings in 75 Ratings Share with 4,300 concurrent Twitch Poker viewers.
Congratulations to Poker Night in America & Sugarhouse Casino.

(Mar 17, 2017 – Philadelphia, PA) It was an epic evening of high stakes poker, fun and intrigue this Friday at the Sugarhouse Casino in Philadelphia, PA.

Professional poker players Doug Polk, Shaun Deeb, Phil Hellmuth, Olivier Busquet, Kane Kalas, Tom Cannuli, and Chicago businessman Jeremy Kaufman teamed up with Poker Night in America to bring televised high stakes US cash game action to Twitch fans worldwide ahead of this Sunday’s Cate Hall vs. Mike Dentale grudge match.

WATCH: PokerNight TV Video on Demand (Full Show Twitch Poker – Mar 17, 2017)

The $25/$50 USD No Limit Hold’em cash game showcased some of today’s established poker superstars, featuring more than a healthy dose of Doug Polk humor throughout a 7-hour, 40-minute telecast. The Twitch Poker record holder even considered a $60,000 coin flip against Kaufman once the blinds escalated to $100/$200 USD near the end of this weekend’s kickoff program (see 7:15:47).

Polk: “By the way, if you want to flip for a bunch at the end I’ll flip you,” Doug told the Kaufman/Jacobs CEO. “I’m just letting you know I’ll flip you if you want it.”

Kaufman: “What’s your max? What’s the most you’ve ever flipped for?”

Polk: “I would flip you for like $60k on stream if you want. I’ll flip you for it. I was going to say max $40k but just for you I’ll do $60k ’cause F*** it… if it’s an even flip who the F*** cares!”

The 7-handed action finalized with Doug’s stack at $107,075 according to the live stream, resulting in a profit of $82,075 from his original $25,000 buy-in; an hourly rate eclipsing $10,000 with a 30-minute break included.


Day 1 Twitch Poker Ratings Show Promise


Unofficial live cast numbers were extremely impressive, peaking at over 4,300 concurrent viewers, which represented more than 75% of the Twitch Poker category. The numbers point towards an increase in Saturday’s engagement leading up to Sunday’s headline event pitting Cate Hall against Mike Dentale heads-up.

Even 14-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth seemed giddy once he learned of the genuine buzz the program created. The table talk was dominated by Polk, and the dynamic of having the two seated next to each other made for some entertaining moments as the Poker Brat and other competitors afforded Doug the opportunity to showcase his personality and promote poker to a wider audience.


Great Job Poker Night in America, Sugarhouse Casino


PocketFives Community Manager Kevin Mathers was quick to share his thoughts with his 32,000 Twitter followers within the first hour of the show.

From that point on, the seven players seated at the table were given full reign, authority and responsibility for carrying their weight to give viewers a legitimate glimpse into the live poker cash game environment in 2017.

If the quality entertainment put forth by Poker Night in America, Sugarhouse Casino and the high stakes poker talent is any indicator, this weekend could mark one of the most binge-worthy poker viewing sessions this side of 2011.


Day 2 Action Starts Soon


The all-star cast will be back in action starting Saturday at 3:30pm EST. Can Hellmuth, Deeb, and others get a beat on Doug, or will the top-rated YouTube Poker personality pull off another big-time score?

Don’t miss the high stakes No Limit Hold’em action. Here’s hoping ONLINE poker in Pennsylvania is right around the corner!

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Home > A Win for Poker: Live Philadelphia Cash Game Stream Impresses
Home > A Win for Poker: Live Philadelphia Cash Game Stream Impresses
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