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6 Reasons to Try Unshuffled.io for Your Next Home Game

Wait… What is Unshuffled?

It all started back in March of 2020 – COVID had forced us into quarantine and our weekly poker games all came to a sudden end. We searched the web for an option to play our rather untraditional mixed games online but could not find anything that truly met our needs. So, we decided to build our own platform that would really serve the home game audience. Fast forward a year and change, and enter Unshuffled, the first online poker platform built specifically for your weekly home game. Our goal is to create an online experience that mimics your in person, recurring game that you have had with your friends for the last 10 years. It is completely free, all you have to do is sign up and invite your friends and you can start playing right away.

What Makes Unshuffled Different

Video and Audio Integration

When you play poker in person, seeing your opponents and reading tells is not only one of the most important aspects to the game, it’s one of the most fun! There’s nothing better than staring down a friend to crack his bluff. On Unshuffled, each player has a video screen on the table, so you can see and hear your friends just like you would in person (no need for another monitor and zoom!)

Create Your Own Games

If you’re like the founding team at Unshuffled, you’ve come up with some of your own poker games that you like to play in your home games. Unshuffled has a custom template builder that lets you create any game that you want. You can even test them out by playing against computer players.

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Dealer’s Choice Table

Not to knock on Hold’em or Omaha, but sometimes playing those games all night can get tedious. Unshuffled has a Dealer’s choice setting so the dealer can select what game they want to play (including any of the custom games created by players at that table).

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Preloaded templates

We’ve asked out users and created a list of global templates based on their feedback. Try any one of the 10+ preloaded games, including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Short Deck Hold’em, 2-7 Single Draw, and more!

Guts Style Games

Looking for something a little different? Unshuffled is the first online platform that enables guts games. With our unique declarations feature, players can indicate whether they want to stay or drop in a hand simultaneously. Don’t know what a guts style game is? Check out this short video that explains 3 card guts. They are super fun games and a great way to play poker with friends.

User Centric

We are always looking to learn from our users and build a platform based on their feedback. Our online ticket submissions go straight to the founder’s inbox, where he responds to feature requests, bug reporting, and really anything else!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for free today at www.unshuffled.io and host your first game! Whether you’re looking for a site to play your home games, or a fun activity for your next virtual happy hour, Unshuffled has you covered.

Home > 6 Reasons to Try Unshuffled.io for Your Next Home Game
Home > 6 Reasons to Try Unshuffled.io for Your Next Home Game
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