4-bet 5-bet ninja quiz

[QUIZ] Are You A 4-Bet Ninja?

4-Bet and 5-bet pots are the largest pots in poker and they’re as complex as they are important. Nailing down the specifics is crucial in 4-bet and 5-bet pots, where the inflated pot sizes have a massive effect on your bottom line.

Think you’re a preflop ninja? Take our quiz “Are You A 4-Betting/5-Betting Ninja?” below and find out if you make the cut!

Are You A 4-Bet Ninja?

Choose the best play offered for each situation. You are 100 Big Blinds deep in all hands and readless unless otherwise noted.

Live $2/$5 in a casino. You raise to $20 from the LoJack and a loose player on the Button 3-bets to $65. Which hand would you choose to 4-Bet?

Read more about 4-betting and 5-betting strategy in Ryan Fee’s article There’s Big Money in 4-Bet & 5-Bet Pots.


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