2017 World Series of Poker Schedule – Highlights and Breakdown

2017 WSOP Schedule at a Glance

The 2017 World Series of Poker is just around the corner and you know what that means…

It’s time once again to forget your sweatshirt (because it’s 115 degrees outside) only to shell out $40 for a new one once you sit down and think to yourself

“Are we playing poker on top of an ice rink?”  

No, friend. That’s just the Rio.

Let’s take a look at some of the most eventful and popular WSOP events on this year’s schedule.

This article has been updated in preparation for the 2017 World Series of Poker

Notable Tournaments at the 2017 WSOP

The WSOP staff does a good job of expanding on what worked for them the previous year and coming up with new, innovative ideas that the poker world didn’t know they wanted.

  • Tag Team – $10,000 and $1,000 buy-in (May 31st, June 5th)

This year, the Tag Team tournament is back with a vengeance.  

2017 world series of poker schedule highlights

There remains the $1,000 version(Doug and Ryan will be defending their title), but there’s also the $10k version kicking off the series as the first open event this year.  

It seems like this tournament was a huge amount of fun for the players involved, and it’s always good to see even seasoned players legitimately having fun at (or on the rail of) the poker table. Definitely happy to see this idea expanded upon, but we’ll see how many teams actually decide to enter.

  • Colossus – $500 buy-in (June 2nd to June 4th)

The Colossus is in its third year now. I predicted last year that the event would be a logistical nightmare(like it was the first year) but it seems as though I was being a little melodramatic. The staff handled it pretty well and I imagine there will be more fine tuning this year. In fact, they decided to double down on the madness and decided to introduce the Colossus’s little brother…

  • Giant – $365 buy-in (Every Friday)

The Giant is a $365 buyin tournament with a day 1 on each Friday throughout the WSOP. Players will have to return day 2 on July 8th (during the main event) to play out the rest of the tournament. Great for those henpecked husbands who need an excuse to come back to Vegas.

Expect a lot of gamble at the end of day 1 as players try to run up stacks in order to avoid buying another plane ticket. The worst thing about this idea is the name. Colossus… Giant… What’s next?  The “above average sized human”?

  • Online – $333, $1,000 and $3,333 buy-in (June 3rd, July 7th, July 1st)

Online tournaments have some variety this year, with three different bracelets being given out with 100% of the play being online.

The $333 tournament appears to be designed to actually get a bunch of players online, and the higher buy-ins appeal to the online veterans. I always liked the live heads up match as a rule, but suppose at this point the model has been proven, so no reason to take extraneous steps.

  • Marathon – $2,620 buy-in (June 12th)

For those of you with self-harm issues, the Marathon event was made for you.  A $2,620 buyin event with 100 minute levels and inflated starting stacks.  

This event starts on June 12th and should be finished by the time the next WSOP starts.

  • Super Turbo Bounty – $1,000 buy-in (June 20th)

Combining two very popular formats, they created the Super Turbo Bounty event at a small price point of only $1000.  

This tournament will likely only take a day to complete and $300 for every scalp you take.  They also have a $5000 turbo-ish event with 30 minute levels so it won’t quite be as frantic, with some play still available in the later stages.

  • Big Bet Mix – $2,500 buy-in (June 30th)

Last but not least, the last new tournament of the summer which may be an utter failure or a big success is the Big Bet Mix tournament.  

The limit mix game tournaments are very popular, but not many places offer big bet mixes. This tournament includes 5 card draw and pot limit 2-7 triple draw, two games which I would imagine very few people have actually played seriously before. I imagine the final table will be extremely tough, but it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

Along with the new events, the usual cast of characters is there including a $1500 and a $10k of all the major poker disciplines along with a bunch of weekend NL events.  

  • Millionaire Maker and Monster Stack – $1,500 buy-in (June 10th to 11th, June 24th to 25th)

The Millionaire Maker and Monster Stack are back–two events which I can only imagine are now staples in the WSOP schedule. These are can’t-miss events if you’re a No Limit Hold’em player looking for good value events.

The series concludes with the $10,000 Main Event, which begins on July 8th.

Whichever events you choose, I wish you the best of luck and make sure your dinner breaks include stops at my favorite places(see: WSOP Dining Guide).  

Personally, I’ll see you all at the 3PM tournaments.  

Good luck!

P.S. You can check out the full WSOP schedule here.


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