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WSOP Main Event 2017 – Final 27 Preview

The 2017 World Series of Poker Main Event has officially reached Day 7, with just a few hours remaining until a 9-handed final table is determined in poker’s biggest tournament of the year. A total of 27 players are still alive and competing for a first place cash prize of $8.15 million and the coveted WSOP Main Event championship bracelet. Fans around the globe can keep up with Monday’s action in real time via the PokerNews WSOP Main Event Live Reporting Page or by watching PokerGO, which will broadcast the final three tables on a 30-minute live stream delay.

WSOP Main Event Day 7 Particulars

Following is a general rundown of what our readers will likely want to know before tuning-in to Day 7 coverage of the 2017 WSOP Main Event. Please note that the data is compiled mainly from PokerNews, which will be the best source for updated chip count info and live progress reports throughout the afternoon and evening. Once the final table has been determined, the nine remaining players will be paid out $1,000,000 and given roughly 36 hours to rest (in between interviews) before returning Thursday at 5:30PM local time.

Day 7 WSOP Main Event Details

Players Remaining: 27 out of 7,221 Average Chip Stack: 13.37 million Blinds: 120k/240k/40k-Ante Start Time: 11:00AM Pacific (Las Vegas) End Time: When 9 players remain

Top 5 Chip Stacks

Christian Pham — 31.4 million Valentin Messina — 28.6 million Jack Sinclair — 27.5 million Ben Lamb — 25.7 million Pedro Oliveira — 22.5 million

WSOP Main Event 2017 Final Table Payouts (USD)

1st Place: $8,150,000 ———— 2nd Place: $4,700,000 ———— 3rd Place: $3,500,000 4th Place: $2,600,000 ———— 5th Place: $2,000,000 ———— 6th Place: $1,675,000 7th Place: $1,425,000 ———— 8th Place: $1,200,000 ———— 9th Place: $1,000,000

Online MTT Specialists Make Main Event Run

According to online poker tournament rankings website PocketFives, a total of 10 players among the final 27 are registered users with online event experience. Among the biggest names are former #1 ranked Bryan “theczar19” Piccioli (14.5 million chips) who has well over $6 million in career cash prize awards from online poker tournaments. Colombian poker tournament player Damian “pampa27” Salas (7.8 million chips) has more than $3 million in tracked online cashes and is currently ranked near the Top 200 worldwide. Jake “bazeman” Bazeley brings 3.9 million chips into Day 7 of the WSOP Main Event, and was ranked as high as #14 in the world at online tournament play according to the P5s Rankings. Ben “benba” Lamb enters Day 7 fourth in chips and has over $1 million in all-time Internet poker tournament cashes.

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Home > WSOP Main Event 2017 – Final 27 Preview
Home > WSOP Main Event 2017 – Final 27 Preview
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