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Shaun Deeb Talks Poker Night in America, Disses #HashtagKing & Brandon Cantu

Two-time WSOP bracelet winner launches #StandStrongWithShaun campaign.
Urges boycott of #HashtagKing, LiveAtTheBike.
Joey Ingram Poker Life Podcast timestamps recap.

Veteran live and online poker tournament pro, mixed game specialist and Poker Night in America TV personality Shaun Deeb appeared on the Poker Life Podcast with Joey Ingram Tuesday to discuss this past weekend’s talent drama which played out on the PNiA Choctaw Casino live stream Friday, April 21st.

With goodwill community engagement for the North American televised poker show at an all-time high, players, fans and media representatives alike have taken an interest in a program that has quickly captivated thousands of live viewers. Deeb’s guest call-in with Joey comes at a time when poker enthusiasts around the world are debating on social media whether last Friday’s programming was good or bad for poker.

Shaun Deeb Poker Bio, PNiA Choctaw Drama Summary

Shaun Deeb is a two-time World Series of Poker champion with approximately $10 million in combined live and online tournament cash prize winnings over an 11-year career, according to,, and

He is a founding cast member of the popular Poker Night in America TV show who has received a large amount of community support following his on-air disputes with players Salomon Ponte and Brandon Cantu over the weekend. During those arguments, Deeb first maintained his cool in the face of unwarranted personal attacks and cheap wristwatch pimping from the aforementioned Ponte (aka #HashtagKing) before getting placed on a “sever year” payback plan by Cantu, who had received a $12,000 loan from Deeb (vouched for by 14-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth) just hours earlier.

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The original online MTT Leaderboard wafflecrusher Deeb believes #HashtagKing should be banned from future poker broadcasts, and has launched a #StandStrongWithShaun campaign to prompt the LiveAtTheBike poker show to block Ponte from an upcoming transmission. As of Tuesday evening Eastern Time, LATB has communicated its desire to go ahead with its plans to invite the ultra-controversial figure on its program (see EDIT below). This in turn has motivated Deeb to implement a personal “boycott” of the Twitch stream through his refusal to appear on future broadcasts.

Author’s Edit: On Thursday, April 27th, LiveAtTheBike announced that it had canceled Salomon Ponte’s scheduled early May 2017 appearance.

As far as Cantu goes, viewer ire towards the embattled player became so heated during the subsequent Day 2 PNiA Choctaw cast Saturday that he was virtually forced from the live commentary booth. Deeb’s podcast get together with Ingram comes at a time when poker forum contributors and social media fans contemplate which personality is most “cringe-worthy” — Salomon “HashtagKing” Ponte or Brandon Cantu?

Poker Life Podcast TIMESTAMPS – Shaun Deeb (Apr 25, 2017)

(0:00) Shaun Deeb intro
(3:00) Choctaw weekend PNiA drama with #HashtagKing
(4:10) What started personal row between Salomon Ponte & Shaun Deeb?
(5:40) Entertainment value of Friday’s PNiA Choctaw live stream?
(6:50) How did it feel when Shaun stacked #HTK?

#HashtagKing Salomon Ponte briefly thinks he won

(7:50) Ponte’s personal attacks and Deeb’s restraint
(9:40) Fans take Deeb’s side vs. Ponte & Cantu on stream
(11:00) #HashtagKing attempts to pawn belongings, wears free clothes
(12:20) Deeb boycotts future LATB casts – #StandStrongWithShaun
(17:30) Deeb warns community about HTK’s downward tendencies
(20:00) Community galvanized? Good or bad for poker?
(21:15) Brandon Cantu drama on PNiA Choctaw’s Friday telecast

(22:00) Phil Hellmuth vouched for Cantu loan from Deeb – $12,000 USD
(23:20) Difference between “settling” a debt and “acknowledging” a debt
(25:30) The Brandon Cantu Story… as told by Shaun Deeb
(30:00) Deeb was prepared for Cantu’s ire after previous Pittsburgh drubbing
(31:00) Deeb warns community about Cantu’s downward tendencies
(33:00) Details behind “Banker” Deeb extending loans to players
(36:00) Cantu drama good or bad for poker?
(38:25) David Viffer enters convo
(39:10) Shaun “Moneybags” Deeb shout-out
(41:00) Kid’s birth vs. WCOOP equals tough spot
(46:15) “Recently single” Matt Glantz – Fedor Holz announcement teaser
(47:00) PokerStars SCOOP 2017 – Deeb’s abilities in mixed games
(51:10) Advice for live players who want to attract recs
(53:00) Private games discussion
(58:00) East Coast Casino Boom

Rivers Casino Pittsburgh

(59:00) The “Great Game” of Pot Limit Omaha
(59:40) NINE cards? Super Stud 8?
(1:00:30) Mixed game WSOP hype + Shaun’s Vegas plans
(1:02:40) Shuan’s thoughts on Supreme Leader, Douglas K. Polk
(1:07:50) Viewer comments & questions
(1:08:50) Poker Night is coming to the East Coast soon!
(1:09:20) The Elder Statesman, Mike Dentale
(1:12:30) Falling out between Shaun and Jason Mercier
(1:13:30) Rising popularity of Poker Night in America
(1:13:50) The need to provide a marketing push to modern-day players
(1:14:50) Live viewer shout-outs
(1:15:50) #StandStrongWithShaun boycott of LATB action
(1:18:00) Conclusion – Follow on Twitter: @ShaunDeeb

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David Huber (known as “dhubermex” online) has been involved in the poker industry for more than a decade. He currently assists several poker and gaming entities as a researcher, writer, and consultant. Former Editor-in-Chief & Head Moderator of online tournament rankings site PocketFives (2006-2011).



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