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Mike McDonald Poker Life Podcast Recap (Video and Timestamps)

PokerShares owner Mike McDonald joins Joey Ingram live on the Poker Life Podcast.
Full episode plus Timestamps recap of August 2, 2017 episode.

PokerShares CEO and $13.3 million USD live poker tournament cash prize winner Mike McDonald was back this Wednesday for a 2-hour guest appearance on the Poker Life Podcast with Joey Ingram.

Following is a Timestamps summary of the episode which originally aired on Ingram’s YouTube Poker channel.

Poker Life Podcast (August 2, 2017 — Mike McDonald)

*Day 1 Post-Cast: 4,134 Views — 84 Likes, 2 Dislikes

(0:00) Intro, Kelly Winterhalter podcast this Friday
(0:31) Kevin Martin & Pratyush Buddiga (PLP) shows next week
(0:48) Mike McDonald, PokerShares, cryptocurrency introduction
(1:29) Joey outdoes himself with every shout-out
(3:00) Mike’s recent activities — Banff, Alberta business w/ Aaron Jones
(3:30) Transitioning from poker to business administration
(6:36) Balancing between new ideas & building upon successful models
(8:04) Recreational and non-players find value in poker entertainment
(9:25) Papi’s Las Vegas #OOL Summer 2017 takeaways
(10:05) Cryptocurrency discussion begins
(13:01) Timex is a casual cryptocurrency investor at the moment
(13:54) The two components of cryptocurrency — Pros & Cons
(14:42) Naval Ravikant, Metastable reference
(17:40) High level of expertise needed to make investment of any kind
(19:58) Mike’s WSOP Main Event perfect outcome?
(20:58) ChicagoJoey’s “positive emotional experience” during WSOP ME
(21:35) Mike’s Vegas trip was mostly business
(22:40) PokerShares’ future collaboration opportunities, affiliate discussion
(25:35) PokerShares odds for Joey Ingram vs. Bill Perkins
(27:15) Shark bite longshot odds possible?
(28:10) Mike has $10k peronally invested in Joey’s St. Thomas mile
(30:35) 2017 WSOP televised coverage, PokerGO & ESPN
(34:55) Free content vs. premium paywall offering
(37:58) Mike is a fan of individuals who are innovative in presenting poker
(40:42) Brian Townsend High Stakes Poker memories
(42:45) Online poker discussion, cash games vs. tournaments
(44:25) Online poker operators, RunItOnce Poker, Phil Galfond
(46:02) PokerStars monopoly, competition needed
(50:08) Mountain climbing escapades with Fedor Holz near Canmore, Alberta

(53:30) Fedor carded at bar, refused booze
(53:55) Primed Mind discussion
(56:00) Poker skills and crossing over into entertainment/business
(58:48) Poker Then vs. Poker Now — past opportunities to move up in stakes
(1:01:06) United States online poker legalization
(1:02:16) PokerShares now available in Portuguese
(1:03:03) Brazilian poker players, Patrick Leonard vs. Faraz Jaka Twitter spat
(1:04:06) Brazilian live poker atmosphere
(1:05:24) Only one female under 26 played 2017 WSOP Main Event
(1:07:27) WSOP Main Event field strength
(1:09:52) WSOP Main Event final table performance discussion
(1:12:06) Mike McDonald in five years’ time
(1:13:51) Amaya name change to “The Stars Group”
(1:14:28) Streamboat Prop Bet? Mike’s competitive swimming background.
(1:17:14) Has Timex fully recovered from shoulder surgery?
(1:18:16) Mike’s mom will see her first NFL game live — Patriots vs. Chiefs
(1:21:00) Xochi & meeting face-to-face for business vs. Skype/online
(1:23:30) PokerShares in five years, Mike’s vision
(1:24:57) Real money wagering makes sports & events more popular
(1:25:54) PokerShares is now available in Australia, BTC accepted
(1:26:44) Mike’s Montreal high roller win, fulfillment from new roles
(1:27:52) PokerShares refund policy, proof of no-show
(1:29:21) Fenn Treasure Hunt discussion. Is Mr. Fenn a creative genius or an epic troll?
(1:32:38) Rec. Reading, “Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!” (Richard Feynman)
(1:33:06) “Four Reasonable Men” (Brand Blanshard)
(1:34:00) PokerShares cross-books & props to avoid rake possible?
(1:36:12) Mayweather vs. McGregor, Mike discusses effect of 8-ounce gloves.
(1:37:44) Know Your Customer (KYC) & Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance
(1:40:39) Floyd Mayweather’s IRS woes, South Park reference “And… it’s gone!”
(1:41:42) Social media, INSTAGRAM: MikeMcDonald_89 TWITTER: @MikeMcDonald89
(1:43:01) Subscribe, Comment & Follow – Papi’s mic bids farewell
(1:43:49) Friday: Kelly Winterhalter — Next Week: Kevin Martin, Pratyush Buddiga

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Home > Mike McDonald Poker Life Podcast Recap (Video and Timestamps)
Home > Mike McDonald Poker Life Podcast Recap (Video and Timestamps)
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