Daniel Coleman: "Very High Probability" Sean Perry is a Scammer

Dan Coleman: “High Probability” Sean Perry is a Scammer

Daniel Coleman called out fellow high stakes poker player Sean Perry as a scammer, stating that Perry took seven figures off Coleman in a case of daily fantasy sports fraud.

Coleman dropped that statement in a Friday afternoon tweet, which included a screenshot of a detailed summary of the scam as Coleman suspected it. Coleman accuses Perry of a DFS scheme that involved Perry betting on seemingly random DFS accounts, only to find out that Perry himself was behind the accounts.

Coleman’s tweet was posted as follows:

“PSA to poker community: It’s extremely likely Sean Perry is a scammer. Do not bet with him,” wrote Coleman in the tweet.

Coleman expands on the allegations in the details below the tweet. The alleged scamming from Perry came forth from high-stakes DFS betting between Perry and Sam Soverel, in which each player would draft three DFS accounts from a pool of six.

Perry was looking to raise the stakes on the DFS betting, which led to Soveral bringing in Coleman on his side. Coleman explains what led him to believe something was amiss with three of the six DFS accounts in the pool:

“After becoming alarmed at how differently these 3 random accounts set their lineups depending on who owned them, I had Aaron Jones take a look at 9 days of lineups and he ran an analysis based on their projections,” Coleman wrote. “He concluded that there was an incredibly high chance that these 3 accounts were controlled by (Perry), and that he would lay 10,000 to 1 odds on it.”

“He looked at the lineups from just one night and felt that this was cheating almost on the level of Mike Postle.”

The tweet spawned a developing list of responses on Twitter, with even Upswing Poker founder Doug Polk chiming in. One of the responses, from Coleman, states that the three DFS account in question were introduced to the betting by Perry, and agree on by Soverel.

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Home > Dan Coleman: “High Probability” Sean Perry is a Scammer
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