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How is Brandon Adams so Successful?

How is Brandon Adams so successful? Wait, who is Brandon Adams? He is certainly not a name that arises frequently in poker conversations, but given his recent success at the table, he, undoubtedly, will be.

Let’s take a look at this intriguing man: Harvard Business School graduate and lecturer, author, entrepreneur, and poker pro.

Books and business

Adams hails from New Orleans, Louisiana. After graduating from Harvard at age 19, he taught undergrad economics courses in game theory, behavioral finance, and international macroeconomics at his alma mater. In fact, Adams was the lead research assistant for Michael Lewis’ The Big Short.


Adams is an author, having published three books thus far. In 2017, he published the rather self-explanatory Personal Organization for Degenerates. In 2013, Adams published his book Setting Sun: The End of Economic Dominance that explores the relationship between cultural shifts and economic decline and how politics, social issues, and economics directly impacts the US economy. Adams also published Broke: A Poker Novel (2008) that follows three fictional poker players who seek fame and fortune in a world fraught by addiction and other problems that poker can elicit. Finally, back in 2006, Adams co-authored The Story of Behavioral Finance with Brian Finn that seeks to explain “finance in the real world.”

Brandon Adams

Expert Insight

In addition to writing—and lecturing on game theory at Harvard University—39-year-old Brandon Adams founded Expert Insight in 2011, and launched his company for $450,000. This website enables its customers—for a fee based on level of expertise, field, and fame—to engage in one-on-one video chat sessions with experts in various fields. Potential customers can check out the many experts available—including poker and chess players, sport coaches, economists, business people, relationship experts, writers, and so many more—and can book an hour or two, pay according to the professional’s posted per-hour rates (although some require customers to call for rates), and Skype away at the scheduled time.

For example, for a cool $5,000, clients can get a one-hour coaching session with Nobel Prize-winning economist Gary Becker. Or poker coaching from Patrik Antonius for $6,000 per hour—or Tom Dwan for $6,500 per hour.

Of course, everything relates to poker, doesn’t it? Take a look at Adams explaining how Wall Street trading and poker are similar.

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Brandon Adams on the felt

In addition to high-stakes cash games, Adams enjoys a tournament now and again. He first cashed in a 2005 WSOP Circuit Event in New Orleans, earning $14,765 for his 21st-place finish. Since then, he has been making the rounds in other WSOP, Poker Masters, and PCA events.

Adams has done well in the Aussie Millions Poker Championships. In 2013, he finished 19th in the A$ 1,650 NLHE Bounty tournament, winning $5,278, and 22nd in the $A 10,000 NLHE Main Event, winning $42,228. Adams finished in 2nd place in the 2017 A$ 25,000 NLHE Challenge and won $447,363.

His best live cash—$819,000—came with his win in the 2017 Poker Masters $50,000 NLHE event.

Adams enjoyed his best WSOP finish in the 2010 $10,000 Seven Card Stud event, coming in 2nd behind Men Nguyen. For his efforts, Adams pocketed a hefty $243,958. He also cashed in the Main Event twice: in 2015—95th place for $55,649—and 2016—117th place for $49,108.

Adams has also appeared on High Stakes Poker (season 4) and Poker after Dark (seasons 5-7), as well as numerous other televised final tables.

To date, Adams total live cash winnings total $3.6 million. Adams also plays online at PokerStars under the moniker Brandon78.

Brandon Adams today

The hugely successful Brandon Adams currently resides in Miami, Florida. You can follow him on Twitter where he shares his business and economic insight, updates fans on his poker endeavors, and demonstrates his passion for sports and adeptness at sports betting.

Case in point:

In fact, in addition to his main website, Adams has another site dedicated to daily fantasy sports analysis, and is in the planning stages of his own podcast. Oh yeah, and he’s a sucker for prop bets as well like this $300,000 tennis prop bet with Antonius. (Spoiler alert, Antonius won.)

So, back to the original question: how is Brandon Adams so successful? I would have to say a winning combination of intelligence, education, drive, talent, and persistence. I mean, really, when you can bluff Phil Hellmuth, you know you’ve got a gift.

Until next time.

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