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Advanced Heads Up Mastery – Doug Polk Announces HUNL Training Course

Doug Polk hops on social media and promises ‘best Heads-Up NLHE material ever released.’

Upswing Poker featured pro Doug Polk took to social media this week to announce the launch of his new training course Advanced Heads Up Masterywhich is finally available here.

Doug shared details of the course in a Reddit discussion of his announcement.

Doug initially announced the course in a 27-minute Facebook live cast, in which the dual WSOP bracelet winner outlined what the upcoming stand-alone product will offer customers, and fielded dozens of questions from viewers in real time. (Timestamps can be found below the video.)

(1:56) Heads-Up No Limit Hold’em Upswing Training Course
(2:12) “The best Heads-Up No Limit course ever released.”
(2:47) “High value information aimed at mid-to-high stakes players.”
(3:09) Release Date: Monday – February 13, 2017 – Price: $999 USD
(3:40) Brains vs. AI Challenge insight ($300 value free during Week 1 Launch)
(4:20) Live Q&A session on HU Training Course
(10:20) Poker Strategy Q&A

Advanced Heads Up Mastery Questions and Answers

Q: Will buyers always have access to the HU Training Course?
A: Yes. The Heads-Up course is a one-time purchase (separate from The Lab).

Q: Will the HU Course contain videos and/or graphs?
A: The course is mainly video content with occasional chart use.

Q: How advanced is the Heads-Up Course?
A: It is for mid-to-high stakes players.

Q: When will it be available?
A: The HU Course launches Monday, February 13th here at UpswingPoker.

Q: How much is the one-time cost for the Heads-Up Course?
A: $999 USD

Q: Will Dan Bilzerian buy the HU Course?
A: “It would be a good value play for him.”

Q: Does the Course cover deep-stacked play?
A: Yes. It covers deep-stacked Heads-Up NLHE specifically, along with some Capped HUNL.

Q: Has Libratus ended the Heads-Up Poker Dream?
A: No. There are still a lot of profit-making opportunities in Heads-Up poker.

Q: How many hours of video content will the HU Course contain?
A: Between 20-25 hours. More information will be available soon.

Q: Are payment plans available for Heads-Up Course?
A: No.

Q: Is the Course Cash Game or Tournament based?
A: The HU Course is based on “Cash Game” play.

Q: Which game has more profit-making opportunities? NLHE vs. PLO?
A: There are still more spots in NLHE, but PLO games are growing.

Q: Do you have to be a member of Upswing Poker to purchase the HU Course?
A: No. The HU Course is a separate product from The Lab and has a one-time fee.

Q: Will the HU Course instruct on Tournament ICM principles?
A: No. The Course is not based on Tournament play.

Q: Is there more PLO content coming to Upswing Poker?
A: Yes. More PLO content is in the works following HU Course launch.

Course Walkthrough

Here’s a brief walkthrough of the course:

Advanced Heads Up Mastery with Doug Polk- OUT NOW!

Ready to take your Heads Up (and overall) poker skills to the highest level? Doug Polk’s Heads Up course is here, and its really, really good. Click here to learn more

Home > Advanced Heads Up Mastery – Doug Polk Announces HUNL Training Course
Home > Advanced Heads Up Mastery – Doug Polk Announces HUNL Training Course
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