Adrian Fenix Talks GTO with Joey Ingram

Poker pro and Team Grind Nation member Adrian Fenix discusses PLO aspirations, GTO lifestyle and reliving the poker dream on the Poker Life Podcast.

Professional poker player Adrian Fenix returned to the Poker Life Podcast this Wednesday for a 2-hour show on Pot Limit Omaha and GTO lifestyle. The program aired less than 24 hours before a highly-anticipated segment with LuckyChewyPoker owner Andrew Lichtenberger scheduled to go live Thursday afternoon.

Adrian is a member of Team Grind Nation and has a lot of projects planned for the future, but for now his main goal is to improve at Pot Limit Omaha. The part-time Twitch Poker streamer who attracts a respectable 500+ live viewers each time he does a broadcast has caught the 4-card bug from his longtime buddy Ingram, and no longer sings the praises of Unlimited Texas Hold’em as he once did.

There are spots in online poker, Adrian insists. Spots where a motivated player can still earn $100/hour through a combination of above-the-rim play and table selection.

When it comes to live poker, the soon-to-be 30 Colombian Girl Grind enthusiast believes a “non-human animal” could sit down at a random Los Angeles poker game and accrue $30 per hour. Monkeys? Crows? Diablo II bovines? They all get about $200 a day at your run-of-the-mill LA poker game.

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Below is a summary of Wednesday’s Poker Life Podcast episode featuring Adrian Fenix.

Poker Life Podcast TIMESTAMPS (Dec 14, 2016)

(0:00) Introduction
(2:32) Adrian moves to PLO
(4:18) Update on PokerStars
(4:50) Joey’s prop bet with Fedor is still alive
(6:30) Adrian has been super productive since playing PLO
(9:50) GTO work schedules
(13:40) What has inspired Adrian recently?
(15:20) Relationships and poker
(18:20) Jaime Staples & Kevin Martin
(21:00) Twitch Poker
(21:55) Adrian’s potential playing PLO
(24:25) Joey jokes about upcoming GPL China draft
(27:00) Adrian’s daily schedule
(32:15) Papi turning to MTTs?
(33:40) More on Twitch Poker
(35:45) Work equals results
(37:10) The GTO Club
(46:00) Positive reinforcement loops
(50:55) Colombian Green Card Grind
(55:20) Adrian wants to do YouTube music videos
(59:00) Social media interaction
(1:02:10) More on taking care of one’s body
(1:06:10) Your environment influences you greatly
(1:26:10) Chat Trolls
(1:26:40) Future of Table Talk?
(1:34:40) The game is more interesting than the news
(1:35:30) eSports promotes its players better than DFS
(1:37:45) Papi for Poker/DFS Liaison?
(1:42:10) Non-human animal could make $30/hour at LA poker?
(1:44:00) The Online Poker Dream is still alive
(1:52:00) New setup and conclusion

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Home > Adrian Fenix Talks GTO with Joey Ingram
Home > Adrian Fenix Talks GTO with Joey Ingram
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