kelly winterhalter vs phil hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth Decides to Play Seven-Four Offsuit Like Aces (Hand Analysis)

In Doug Polk’s first video since partnering with Poker Night in America, he reviews a hand played by Phil Hellmuth, aka the greatest poker player of all time (source: Phil Hellmuth).

Hellmuth begins the hand by declaring he will ‘‘3-bet light’’ if entrepreneur Kelly Winterhalter raises, before doing exactly that with 7-4 offsuit.

Yeah, you read that right, Hellmuth 3-bet with 7-4 offsuit.

Is he trying to get his opponent to make a costly mistake? Or is he setting himself up for failure?

As always, Doug Polk has the details.

Seems like the beginning of a wonderful friendship between Kelly and Phil.

Check back tomorrow for more video content from Doug Polk. See you then!

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