Poker Quotes From Famous People

Poker quotes from US Presidents, actors, pros and more! Everyone seems to have something to say about poker!

  • Benny Binion sure was tough as nails…and we love his poker quotes!

  •  He may not have meant it for poker, but it sure applies to it!andrew-jackson-quote
  • This one from an unknown author
  •  Speaking of risk, maybe you shouldn’t have tried to cheat those cops Worm!quote-Edward-Norton-life-like-poker-has-an-element-of-220073 (1)
  • We’ve all felt that sinking feeling when you miss a nice draw in a big pot 


  • Sometimes you gotta get seriousquote-the-debate-on-climate-change-and-global-warming-has-been-intensely-polarized-a-great-johnny-chan-62-68-56
  • Great one from the late great George Carlin

  • Chris Moneymaker showing some self-awareness about his 2003 WSOP win.quote-the-pros-really-like-all-the-new-people-playing-poker-because-they-love-the-dead-money-but-when-chris-moneymaker-129170
  • Skill sets from other games can help your poker game too!

  • The start to one of the most seen bad beats in poker history, nice flat with Aces Ted!2mm9w7n
  • Another great one from Benny, the guy is a poker quotes machine
  • One from the legendary late Stu Unger.stu-ungar
  • Goal-oriented quote from Suze Orman

  • The infamous Rounders’ opening quote.Matt-Damon-Rounders
  • Great one from gambling legend Nick “The Greek” Dandalos, he has a ton of other poker quotes too

  • WARNING: Leveling wars have been known to cause migraines.leveling wars
  • Another unknown author.. Poker quotes are sometimes a little obscure

  • Classic poker quote from Phil Hellmuth.. We’re sure you would Phil!images (24)
  • Jonathan Swift hasn’t been alive for over 250 years, but that didn’t stop him from churning out the poker quotes
  • Anybody can play.. and anyone can come up with poker quotes!
  •    Doyle “Texas Dolly” Brunson dropping some knowledge
  •  I couldn’t agree much more with Oscar Wilde here


  • Great one from Henry Hartman that definitely applies to poker

  • Very famous quote from Mark Twain

  • Nick Dandalos has a lot of gambling and poker quotes, as you would expect from a Las Vegas legend!

  • Downswings and bad beats are just a test, you have to ENDURE

  • Imagine calling a $37 bet in a $1/$3 game in cash, no chips. It would be awful.

  • Quote from Jason Alexander, aka George Costanza from Seinfeld

  • Quote from Charles Lamb

  • Speaking of war, even World War II general David Shoup has poker quotes to share

  • Good thing this is true, because I am a HUGE fan of not moving as much as possible


  • Tough to find a poker player that doesn’t agree with this!

  • Super famous poker quotes from Paul Newman. You may also recognize this from the beginning of a movie called Rounders

  • Jonathan Swift would have been the type of player to ask the dealer for a wash when he’s card dead


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I’m Matt “Checkmate” Colletta. I’ve been playing poker professionally since about 2004.

As one of the poker pros on, my goal here is to help transform at least one hobbyist poker player into a self made millionaire.



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